Cincinnati Show 7/23 & Album Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Schubas show last weekend!  Man, what a gas.  We don’t have any other Chicago shows lined up as of right now, but the cogs are turning and we’ll have some news soon.

If anyone lives in or near Cincinnati, we’re playing at MAYDAY on Friday, July 23rd with Mallory and Fists of Love.  All shows at Mayday are FREE, so if you want to boogie, check it out!  You want to boogie?  Ok, let’s boogie.  Marc Bolan knows what I’m talking about.

Finally … good news!  We’re nearly done tracking our new album.  On August 6th we’ll be back at Gallery of Carpet Recording to put the finishing touches and final overdubs down.  Ideally, mixing will begin sometime in September and the record will be done before the end of the year.  We’ve been playing all eight (8) of the songs that will appear on it live, so if you’ve seen the band within the past few months, then you’ve already heard this material.  I don’t want to reveal song titles or any of that jazz just yet.  More to come as completion nears.

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