Soft Speaker Album Release Show

The Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich is pleased to announce the release of a full album’s worth of Soft Speaker recordings. Entitled I’ll Tend Your Garden, the album consists of nine (9) songs, all of which were recorded with renowned producer Dirk Bluebin, who worked with the orchestra in secret under the alias of Brian Zieske. A performance in celebration of the albums release is set to take place at Empty Bottle in Ch…icago, Illinois on Friday, April 1st, 2011. Also on the bill are California Wives.

In further Soft Speaker news, the following newspaper clipping has recently surfaced. It appears to recount details of a business venture of Joseph Daley that most likely pre-dated his involvement with the original Soft Speaker in the 1930’s:

Joseph “School-Teacher” Daley bought a wagonload of cats and cleared a thousand dollars of profit by selling them to lonely dance-hall girls. Daley said that he conceived of the idea when he noticed the loneliness of the dance-hall girls on lower Main Street during a prior trip to Cheyenne when he was working as a stage driver. Upon his return, Daley resigned his job and bought a spring wagon and six mules to do some “shotgun freightin’”. He offered local boys two bits apiece for all the cats they could find and he left with fifty or more cats – practically the entire cat population of Cheyenne. Setting up shop below Saloon Number Ten, Daley sold his cats for prices ranging from ten to thirty dollars, depending on their size. After an hour of intense haggling, Daley had his money and several cats that were not saleable due to their condition.