Stream/Download Tracks From New LP: I’ll Tend Your Garden

Good Day!
The band’s new album, I’ll Tend Your Garden, is available now via iTunes for the measly sum of $8.91.  Want a cd?  We’ve got ‘em and they’ll appear in our webstore soon enough, but feel free to email us if you want one immediately.  Hesitant?  Drag your digital goobers to the NEW Soft Speaker Soundcloud CajiggerDreamy Nick posted four songs and one is free to download.  Impress your hipster neighbor with your eclectic taste!  You listen exclusively to bands that sound like an unintentional blend of Joy Division and Blue Öyster Cult!  Here’s what’s in store for your ear-canals:

Hawk Mountain Line
Find The Fountain
For A Handsome Price
Pagan Pastimes (d_rradio remix) – FREE DOWNLOAD – the original version of this is on the album, but this remix is not, so grab it while you can!

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