Soft Speaker / Sissy Mena! A Mid-Winter’s Hibernation (Briefly Interrupted)

Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont, Chicago
Friday, February 10th
Doors @ 8:30pm

Soft Speaker (headlining)

Sissy Mena

Soft Candy (on stage at 9pm)

You have briefly emerged from your mid-winter hibernation to harvest a snack from a lush hedgerow of gooseberries. Their spiny stems, as you know, provide protection from the pesky magpie moth caterpillar. Before returning to your cave, you are welcome to sup with us if you wish. May we sample your gooseberries, so moist and oddly familiar in both texture and flavor? Do enjoy a sip of our fresh mead. Please, lend your ears to the delicate and nimble fingers of our town minstrels. Be fair warned, their seemingly polite melodies oft grow ferocious and in rare cases, result in temporary delirium. Said minstrels will perform at designated times, as listed above. Their song cycles, also referred to as “minstrel cycles”, are each clever and unique.

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