Beat Kitchen: Friday, August 10th‏

Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont, Chicago
Friday, August 10th
Doors @ 8:30pm

Young Jesus (headlining)
Soft Speaker (on stage at 10:15pm)
The Hague

My Chancellor is in need of a remedy that can be carefully administered and monitored, while still giving him the impression that the dosage is irrelevant. My friend will be treated with Turkish Mindbathers of several types, and although the strength and action of a single pill would leave a normal-minded man in a daze; for my Chancellor, several pills throughout the day will give him rest and happy dreams. This will, I believe, not only calm his mind, but yield ultimately to him what he has screamed in the night desiring and never attaining: a sense of clarity and clear-mindedness while still retaining the essence of the brilliance and creativity that he has always possessed.

-An excerpt from page 33/197 of an official (restricted letter) dated May, 1931 from Doktor R.W. Großenlicht von Weißglühendfeure, the personal physician to Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, as translated by The Semisynthetic Arkiv. From the Private Chancellery Printing and Archival Services of Austria.

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