**Nicholas Rocchio’s 30th Birthday** at The Burlington Sept. 28th!

Burlington Bar
3425 W. Fullerton, Chicago
Saturday, September 28th
**Nicholas Rocchio’s 30th Birthday**
The Van Goghs
Soft Speaker
Black Cat Heart Attack
Rhubarb became distant after the accident. We warned him. Snake fighting … very dangerous. The venom took hold and the good Dr. Gamb insisted on wiring his jaw shut, lest we risk poor Rhubarb biting his little tongue off. We mashed up pancakes and applesauce and tried to feed him, but he refused. He lost too much weight, so now he’s got a feeding tube that goes straight into his stomach. Modern science! Phew. He’s still on the road with us, dancing his heart out, a man possessed by the spirit of boogie woogie. I s’spect he’ll always be a song and dance man. For now just a dance man.


Lincoln Hall – September 14th – Opening for A Lull and Yawn

We are back at the awesome Lincoln Hall on Saturday, Sept. 14th! If you haven’t seen our live show yet, Lincoln Hall on Saturday night is a great place to start. See you then!