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**Nicholas Rocchio’s 30th Birthday** at The Burlington Sept. 28th!

Burlington Bar
3425 W. Fullerton, Chicago
Saturday, September 28th
**Nicholas Rocchio’s 30th Birthday**
The Van Goghs
Soft Speaker
Black Cat Heart Attack
Rhubarb became distant after the accident. We warned him. Snake fighting … very dangerous. The venom took hold and the good Dr. Gamb insisted on wiring his jaw shut, lest we risk poor Rhubarb biting his little tongue off. We mashed up pancakes and applesauce and tried to feed him, but he refused. He lost too much weight, so now he’s got a feeding tube that goes straight into his stomach. Modern science! Phew. He’s still on the road with us, dancing his heart out, a man possessed by the spirit of boogie woogie. I s’spect he’ll always be a song and dance man. For now just a dance man.


Lincoln Hall – September 14th – Opening for A Lull and Yawn

We are back at the awesome Lincoln Hall on Saturday, Sept. 14th! If you haven’t seen our live show yet, Lincoln Hall on Saturday night is a great place to start. See you then!


Empty Botte – Aug. 22nd – Soft Speaker / Multicult / Polish Gifts / Split Feet

Last year, local bluesy psych-rockers SOFT SPEAKER recorded a new batch of songs with local producer and CAVE “frontman” COOPER CRANE. The fruits of this recording are a new LP titled Turkish Mindbathers, as well as an EP called International Scheiße, Dummkopf! With these new efforts SOFT SPEAKER has broken new ground as a band and the releases are of a mind-folding nature that will surely excite the city’s already robust psychedelic rock world. Skuzzy Baltimore-trio MULTICULT, tonight’s only out-of-towners, make their way to the Bottle tonight with their grungy rock’n’roll that’s as hooky as it is dangerous. Local newbs POLISH GIFTS, featuring LUCAS from RADAR EYES, return tonight with their sloppy, poppy punk rock’n’roll. Chicago-based all-girl band SPLIT FEET open tonight’s show with their weird and uncomfortable – not to mention noisy and dark – take on riotous punk-rawk. These witches mean serious business, so show up early and get your head knocked in.


Closing out Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Theatre Festival – August 11th

We are closing out Sunday night: August 11th at 10:00

The 25th annual performance mashup celebrates the anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair of 1969. Three days of non-stop entertainment with more than 100 theater groups, bands, and performers on 3 stages!

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With Reigning Sound at Beat Kitchen July 27th

Beat Kitchen
2100 W. Belmont, Chicago
Saturday, July 27th
Doors @ 9:30pm
17 and over
Reigning Sound (headlining)
Soft Speaker (on stage at approx. 10pm)
To celebrate this exciting event, we tooting minstrels are pleased to offer you a special treat:
Free Download: Soft Speaker – Milch-Lieferung (Full-Length Live Album)!
I saw the tiny, sinewy head floating in the air, circling me ever so slowly. So delicious. I snapped at it, as I wished to devour it, but the head escaped me each time. I grew hungry and my saggy jowls quivered. The floating head taunted me with the occasional chuckle and wink. I gave up, went home and enjoyed a sliver of key lime pie. The floating head was satisfied with a small morsel and complimented my old lady’s culinary skills. We grew to enjoy each other’s company that summer. Floating Head orbits me to this day.


Empty Bottle – May 24, 2013 – w/Bitchin’ Bajas & Radar Eyes

On May 24, we bash our chalices together in celebration of the release of the new Soft Speaker album, Turkish Mindbathers, on translucent, light pink, 180 gram vinyl. These recordings meld the intense, red-drape violence of Peekaboo and His Boys with the bleary-eyed, 5am fry-down groove of The Armadillo Handlers of Mexico City. Lessons were learned from the rise, corporate sell-out and fall of Flashy Larry and The Lotion Boys. And here’s to Little Boysenberry Boy and his Boo-Boys, who preached the gospel of promiscuity until their hamburger shacks could take no more.


Nick, Joe, Blair & Paul


Soft Speaker Jazz It Up Milwaukee Style!

Soft Speaker will be performing on Saturday, May 11th w. Into Arcadia and Midwest Death Rattle at Cactus Club in Milwaukee! The show starts at 10:00. Tickets are $7.


Turkish Mindbathers and International Scheiße, Dummkopf! Official Digital Release!

Happy new releases Tuesday! Our NEW album Turkish Mindbathers and EP International Scheiße, Dummkopf! are available for download today! Check out our exciting new music on ITunes, Rdio, Rhapsody, emusic, and Amazon!

Soft Speaker - International Scheiße, Dummkopf!


Soft Speaker @ Lincoln Hall – March 14, 2013‏

2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
Thursday, March 14th
9pm, 21+
$8 advance / $10 door

The Van Goghs
Rainbow Gun Show

Soft Speaker is thrilled to announce a headlining performance at Lincoln Hall on March 14th, 2013 with support from The Van Goghs and Rainbow Gun Show. This will be our first performance at this wonderful venue and, as such, we’d love to see as many of you there as possible. The band’s new album, Turkish Mindbathers and EP, International Scheiße, Dummkopf! are now available at shows directly from the band and are packaged together on one CD. Many of you are already aware that as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Turkish Mindbathers is in the process of being pressed on high quality, 180 gram vinyl and will be available in this format in late May. It will also be available digitally via iTunes within the next few weeks.


Nick, Joe, Blair & Paul


SOFT SPEAKER at the Beat Kitchen / March 2nd w. Suns, Shiloh, and Rocket Miner

You can get close; but don’t land on the surface of Suns. You’ll get burned! Better to stand and watch…maybe sway your body and moan softly.

Saturday, March 2nd LATE SHOW

Doors: 9:00 pm | Show: 9:30 pm
Tickets: $10.00 | 17 & Over