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Cincinnati Show 7/23 & Album Update

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Schubas show last weekend!  Man, what a gas.  We don’t have any other Chicago shows lined up as of right now, but the cogs are turning and we’ll have some news soon.

If anyone lives in or near Cincinnati, we’re playing at MAYDAY on Friday, July 23rd with Mallory and Fists of Love.  All shows at Mayday are FREE, so if you want to boogie, check it out!  You want to boogie?  Ok, let’s boogie.  Marc Bolan knows what I’m talking about.

Finally … good news!  We’re nearly done tracking our new album.  On August 6th we’ll be back at Gallery of Carpet Recording to put the finishing touches and final overdubs down.  Ideally, mixing will begin sometime in September and the record will be done before the end of the year.  We’ve been playing all eight (8) of the songs that will appear on it live, so if you’ve seen the band within the past few months, then you’ve already heard this material.  I don’t want to reveal song titles or any of that jazz just yet.  More to come as completion nears.


WLUW Live Performance!

Soft Speaker will entertain your unique listening sensibilities with a live radio performance. Hear modern classics from our EP release Stranger in the Alps and EXCLUSIVE NEW UNRELEASED songs! We will air on WLUW’s Radio One program on Thursday, July 8th. 88.7 on the FM dial or streaming at Check it out!


Schubas ~ Evening of Daring Composition

On Saturday, July 10th, 2010, Soft Speaker will host an evening of daring composition featuring garish yet tempting sounds forged in the cauldrons of their minds. Intricate swells of molten, danger red and electric-eel blue will interweave with the fragrant rhythms of tobacco and hot leather. You will bend like a reed in the wind and soar like majestic eagle.

Saturday, July 10th ~ Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, Chicago, IL ~ w/ THE FIELD AUXILIARY & THE GREAT SOCIETY MIND DESTROYERS ~ $8 ~ 10:00PM ~ 18+


Shows of incredible interest!

Soft Speaker will be making their debut appearance in Champaign, Illinois, Friday, June 4th with the wonderful local act New Ruins: The show is at Bentley’s, 419 North Neil Street. Show time is 10:00 PM.

Soft Speaker is super-dooper stoked to be performing with Warpaint in Indianapolis! That’s Saturday, June 5th at Radio Radio, 1119 E. Prospect St. Doors at 8:00 PM. The show is presented by My Old Kentucky Blog and we’ve been hoping for the oportunity to play with Warpaint for many moons. They’re an excellent group!

Finally, the band is delighted to announce that they will be performing at Do Division, Sunday June 6th at 5:20pm on the Leavitt Stage! Do Division is a highly exciting street festival in the great Chicago tradition. There are dozens of fantastic acts playing throughout the weekend including: Hood Internet, YACHT, The Night Marchers, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Pelican, Warpaint, Ponys, Days Off, The Gunshy, The Poison Arrows, Vacations, Bailiff, Sybris, The Good Life, John Drake & The Shakes, Cameron McGill & What Army (Cam Cam), Tim Larson & The Owner Operators, Rego, Scott Lucas And The Married Men, and Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons.
It’s a groovy happening and it freaks us out!


Soft Speaker set lists of shows past

Soft Speaker ~ Empty Bottle 12.29.08

(Question: How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker gave him for Christmas? He felt his presents.)









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Stranger In The Alps online

Our new EP Stranger In the Alps is available from all of these fine online retailers:
• iTunes U.S.
• iTunes Australia/N.Z.
• iTunes Canada
• iTunes UK/European Union
• iTunes Japan
• iTunes Mexico
• MySpace Music
• Napster
• eMusic
• Amazon MP3
• Lala


Mantled Howler / Back In The Studio


Last week we recorded basics tracks for a new song before Nick set sail for the gilded island mecca of Costa Rica.  Without a doubt he has by now gone native, adopted a Mantled Howler as a personal guardian and taken a job in Puntarenas harvesting coffee beans.  Boys will be boys, I suppose.  So, left to our own devices, Blair, Joe and I gathered our collectiveness last night and proceeded with titilating ferocity.  Progress has been made and we are pleased as a turkey.

In other news, we are set to begin work on what we hope to be our first full-length album on April 15th!


Next Show : Hideout : Friday, March 19th

First, a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Darkroom show.  We had a blast and it was tremendous night.

Our next show will be on Friday, March 19th at one of our favorite Chicago venues, Hideout.  Also on the bill will be Cains and Abels.and Village (feat. Stephen Ucherek, formerly of The Living Blue).  The show starts at 10pm.

While I have your attention, may I suggest that you make an evening of it?  First, treat yourself to a shot, a beer and a steak at your favorite restaurant.  Do not skip this step!  Next, take a cab or hoverboard to Hideout.  Warm up with a delicious Jackhammer combo deal (shot of Jack Daniels and a can of Hamms).  Introduce yourself to the members of Soft Speaker and explain to them in detail your plan to market a delicious new lemon-blueberry flavour of yogurt.  Enjoy the show from a well thought-out vantage point to ensure that you have a clear view of Joe Daley and his purple velvet track suit.  Following the performance, make a thoughtful, yet concise toast to the health and success of the band.  You deserve this and, let’s be honest, you’re only 22 for 365 days, so take advantage while you can.

Here’s a nifty photo taken by Travis Salisbury at Darkroom.


Listen to the new EP at Musical Family Tree

Listen to the entire new EP at Musical Family Tree now!!!!  Let us know what you think.



Please visit the new link on the website for a chance to win a free copy of “Stranger in the Alps”, a free first run Soft Speaker T-Shirt, and a set of our new buttons. Good luck and fortune awaits you.