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New Songs On Myspace & Facebook

Take a hyperlink internet carriage over to Myspace or Facebook to listen to songs from the band’s new EP.

Beware, the foul-scented forest beast!  These new songs offer you a veil of protection, but only until February 26th.


CD Release Show: Darkroom: Friday, Feb. 26

Ahoy Land-Dwelling Vertebrates, Sea-Ladies & Turtle-Tamers,

On February 26th Soft Speaker releases its new EP, Stranger In The Alps, which features five tongue-tantalizing songs over the course of 20 Earth-minutes.  You may have already noticed the resplendent new website, but if not, click your internet rodent here.  A celebration, you say?  Don’t get your ascot feathered!  The band will be performing a special show at Darkroom to mark the occasion.  Consider this your advance notice.  Reschedule your Brazilian wax at once!

CD Release Show
February 26th
Redlight productions presents
Equalizer sponsored by KEXP.ORG and

2210 W. Chicago Ave.

Soft Speaker
Yukon Blonde
Moxie Motive

Special guest DJ TBA
doors at 9pm $8 adv/$10 door   21+
advance tickets available at:
2210 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622

Stranger In The Alps artwork by Mark Milic of Modularlab (click to enlarge):


1. Tennyson Tea
2. I Stand To Lose My Fortune, Easy
3. Into The Fog
4. Marble Mask
5. Weathervane


New Band Interview on Reviewsic (ri-vyoo-zik)

… like a purple pterodactyl in a red velvet cape.

New Soft Speaker INTERVIEW


Clothing to Cover Your Delicate Skin

Soft Speaker Apparel is in the works. We’re thinking a T-shirt but maybe… a Jacobean ruff.


Chicagoist Double Door Show Preview

We got a nice write-up on the Chicagoist blog today.  There is also a download link for one of the tracks from our forthcoming EP, too, so have yourself a sneak preview.  MP3s don’t wear out easily, so put it on heavy rotation, baby.


Children of Dune

A sophisticated human can become primitive.  What this really means is that the human’s way of life changes.  Old values change, become linked to the landscape with its plants and animals.  This new existence requires a working knowledge of those multiplex and cross-linked events usually referred to as nature.  It requires a measure of respect for inertial power within such natural systems.  When a human gains this working knowledge and respect, that is called “being primitive.”  The converse, of course, is equally true: the primitive can become sophisticated, but not without accepting dreadful psychological damage.

– The Leto Commentary After Harq al-Ada


Double Door Show: Thursday, February 4th

Good Day, Felines and Gentlefriends!
Just a quick note to let you know that we will be performing our first EP, “Conditions,” in its entirety this Thursday at Double Door, along with a few other carefully selected songs. We felt this would be appropriate, as the setlist for our next show (Darkroom: Friday, Feb. 26) will be composed of the five songs from our new EP, “Stranger In The Alps,” along with a selection of even newer material that has yet to be recorded. We’re looking forward to seeing your doe-eyed faces this Thursday.

Till Soonest,




Dear Friends of the Otherworldly and Unattainable,

The new Soft Speaker (Sanftsprecher) website is now at your disposal and offers the highest quality auditory indulgences available. You are not required to agree to any unsavory terms or conditions. Feel free to explore the site at your leisure and should you have any queries or would simply like to convey a bit of constructive criticism, please do so here in the Soft Speaker International Communication Centre (Internationales Sanftsprecherkommunikationszentrum) or contact us discreetly via email to

With Delightful Enthusiasm,

Blair, Darren, Joe, Nick and Paul